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You have seen these breath-taking artworks and you just want to be a part of the fairytale.
Digital art, graphic design, digital painting – pixel and vector are used in multiple techniques and with different kind of programs. 
This site should be a well of ispiration amd sharing knowledge. 
You can find articles, free & paid designs.

Digitally Artistic


It all depends on your project. Vectors are best for logos and illustrations. Raster images are classic for digital photography and are very often used for all graphic once they have been published digitally. If you want to repaint Mona Lisa on your iPad, you will not use vector unless you would like to look it as Picasso style Mona Lisa.

Raster images should be used if you require high lever detail (photos) and you don’t care much about by enlarging the image by a great amount. On the other hand vector you will use on images what requires tiny details and might be resized in the future.


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seeking the creativity e-book


is a small handbook for artists and writers to train their muse, senses and open the eyes for details. It was created for the people who like to play and like to write any types of stories. You can also find here some inspiring articles what were part on Craftetic’s site.



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